This Ain’t Home

Hello! I’m back again! 🙂  I’ve been on the road for a few weeks cruisin’ around America in a Chevy. Some of you who also follow me on Instagram have already seen that it’s been quite a journey. While on the road you come across so many things. A lot of cool things but you also get to see things which leave you thinking. During trips like this, which are actually pretty tough, (in a good way!) you also learn a lot about yourself. I got insights which were pretty obvious to me now I look back on it, but while in a rush of stress and deadlines during school I lost track on them.


The numer one thing I already knew but has been confirmed again during this trip:  “This ain’t home.” And what do I mean by that? I’m often sad that I’m stuck in my country for 90% of the year while I actually want to be all over the world. My neighborhood, my village, my country doesn’t feel like home to me. I don’t know why exactly… maybe because I’ve seen quite a lot of places already and I feel more like a citizen of the world, or maybe I’m just not a typical Dutch girl that wants a typical Dutch life… Eventough life in Holland here is pretty good and it’s a great country, I can’t help but feel a little out of place when I’m here. If you have any tips on how to deal with this ‘sadness’ – which is not just an after holiday dip – I would love to know!

Number two is definitely to stay astonished. Never expect things just to happen to you because you are somehow sure they are ‘meant to be.’ Stay astonished and make sure you’re always grateful for the things that come to your path. Everything – yes, even the smallest things – are worth a curious smile and a second look. For example, when I was flying home from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam I got to see the world from up above for the first time during the night. I’ve been on a plane before but never got to experience the night while in the air. And to see the orange horizon light up and to look at the stars in the cold, dark nightsky was so magical to me. While, as a matter of fact, it get’s dark every evening so why care? Curiosity and Astonishment. This was so different!


And… number tree I absolutely want to pass on to you is: please care about our earth! While in America I always try to visit as much of the National Parks as possible because to me it’s so, so, so important to cherish what we are given. Besides that you have to understand that once you are comfortabele to be alone with nature you are comfortable with yourself. You have to remember, that when everyone around you decides to turn their back on you, the only thing you’re left with is the world around you. So you better connect with it, once you do, you’ll never feel lonely.

I hope you liked this – kind of deep – update 😉 Lot’s of more travel related posts are yet to come. Stay tuned and see you next time! 



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    September 1, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    I envy travel bloggers😍, I hope you have the best of experiences!

    Totally enjoyed this article, and your blog looks really good 👏

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    Joyce rdt
    September 13, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Jaa, I liked it! Heerlijk om te reizen en over dingen na te denken. Liefs.x

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