Rules To Live By

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is going great! ūüôā I officially passed my film exams and now I just wait until graduation!

So, the other day I was thinking about what ‘rules’ or ‘thoughts’ I have that are¬†super helpful to me when it comes to feeling more confident, feeling less¬†down or just general things that make my life more bright. Maybe the word ‘rules’ isn’t the right word but we’re just gonna go with it.

1. Don’t regret.¬†It’s such a useless thing. The past is the past and you can’t change it, so stop feeling sorry for what you did or didn’t do. Take it as a lesson and make sure you work on it in the future.

2. Being¬†disappointed in yourself is a sign that you know you can do better.¬†Not everything changes overnight and you’re not instantly at the level you wish to be.¬†Get yourself together, work hard and try again. You got this!

3. Be thankful.¬†Bitter people have the worst life. I am thankful for everyday, and I don’t thank anyone or anything specifically, it’s just the realisation of the fact that today is a brand-new day.¬†It makes your life so much brighter and enjoyable.

4. Everything happens / or doesn’t happen \ for a reason.¬†Clich√© but in my eyes it’s true. If you gave ‘the situation’ your everything and it still didn’t work out, leave it to rest. It’s probably better this way.

5. Believe in yourself and love yourself.¬†Doesn’t need any explanation.

6. Never judge on¬†appearance.¬†Don’t give people certain looks or talk behind their back because you think you know this person because of how they dress. Also, don’t make fun of people in public, it’s a sign of insecurity and makes you look really pathetic. Live and let live.

7. Don’t complain about daily little things.¬†“My knife is too blunt.” While out for dinner. “My fitting room is dirty.” While at H&M. No. Just stop. Is this really going to make your day any better? Pointing out all these little irritations isn’t going to put a smile on your face and soon all you’ll do¬†is¬†searching for little things to nag about¬†and¬†pointing out¬†all the things you dislike. What about the things you do like, eh?

8. Be critical.¬†Toxic friends? Get them out of your life. Issues at work? Talk about it with your boss or a colleague. Don’t like your own lifestyle? Reconsider what you’re doing and try to make a change. You need to teach yourself the discipline to be critical all the time. Don’t ‘settle for less,’ because it’s one life and it’s this life.

stapperss9. Take your time.¬†To love, to fail, to act silly, to explore, to try different things, to make new friends, to do nothing at all… It’s important to have a goal or a passion but taking the time to ‘reload’ is just as important as working hard. Allow yourself to breath.

10. Love your surroundings.¬†Especially nature. Treat the environment with care and respect. Go out for a walk more often and learn to appreciate the world around you. Because, and I’ve said it before.. When the whole world decides to turn it’s back on you for some reason the only thing you’re left with is nature. So you better love it.

11. Expect the worst.¬†This one may be a little dark between the more positive thoughts haha ūüėČ But here’s what I do, when letting people into your/my life. I always mentally prepare for these people let me¬†down and leave me¬†alone. That way, when it does happen, it’s not as hurtful anymore because I’ve kept it in mind from the very first day. It’s a little bit of a ‘cold thought’ but it makes you less touchable and a lot stronger. *May not work for everybody though.

12.¬†Open up.¬†I’m always really honest. I feel what I feel, I think what I think… and if someone – I trust – asks about it I’m willing to talk about whatever is on my mind. Talking can be really helpful when putting things in perspective. Sometimes when you keep things in your head for a long time it ends up becoming a bigger issue than it eventually was.


Hope this was somehow inspirational and helpful for anybody! Have a great week ahead and I’ll talk to you soon!

Lot’s of love.


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  • Reply
    June 9, 2017 at 6:00 am

    Great post and so true x

  • Reply
    Joyce rdt
    June 12, 2017 at 11:45 am

    Gefeliciteerd meid, super nieuws!
    Mooie post is het ook geworden, mooi verwoord. Liefs.x

  • Reply
    August 14, 2017 at 12:53 pm

    This is definitely great Monday motivation and has given me some food for thought. I definitely think I need to have a think about some of the people in my life at the moment and how they bring me a lot of negativity. I much prefer to surround myself with positive people wherever possible ūüôā x

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