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    Wave Your Flag

    I’m about to leave for Salt Lake City in 4 days. Plus, tomorrow, the 22nd of July, is my birthday. I’m turning 21! Just a quick update! I’ve got to say that,…

  • sofie-insta2

    Happy Summer

    Hey ya’all! In order to celebrate the fact that my summerbreak officially started I decided it may be fun to do something different for a blogspost today. As you scroll down,…

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    Into The New

    So, the other day I was writing some music while playing my guitar in the back of the house. It had been raining all week but the sun had finally seemed…

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    Ever Wondered Why

    I’ve been so, so busy lately but the good news is, summerbreak is right around the corner. I didn’t share this already, but I’m going on a roadtrip again this year. Once again,…

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    Back To The Base

    The world around us can be a bit overwhelming and hysterical sometimes. There are so many things happening around us and the pressure to become better everyday is noticeable all around…

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    Look Put Together

    When you’re not.  But we all have those moments, right? When you are, for example, ready to go out for a planned dinner but you don’t feel like talking, let alone, laughing…