Forever Young

I’m back at it again with… a new blogpost! ūüėČ So, lately I’ve been extremely busy, way to busy actually because it’s just now that I find the time to write you guys. I’m sitting on my bed with my fourth cup of tea this evening and I stayed home from school all day just to work on my projects and keep up with all my assignments. So now, I can finally rest and have a chat.

Like I said, things have been crazy lately, my schedule is insane and my mind is also filled with some personal things that are currently playing. But I’m in my senior year and I’m halfway through so I that’s a good thing. “Adult life” ¬†is right around the corner, – if I may call it like that, – ¬†and the closer it gets the more determined I am to stay forever young.


I see it happen a lot, people I’ve been in class with when I was a child, acting and dressing like they’re.. what.. 40? Don’t get me wrong, I will never say something bad about it because if it’s just personal taste it’s fine. But you get where I’m going, they¬†want to act older to be taken more seriously, I guess?

Now that’s the part that I don’t get, because it’s not your appearance that will make you look more mature, it’s your perspective on life, the expression on your face, your goals and the goodness of your heart. Sometimes people ask me about my job and education, and they kind of act like it’s… nothing too serious..,¬†why? Because I’m not studying economy or science? Meanwhile my latest documentary is featured on the Eindhoven Film Festival. Now I don’t want to say that to¬†talk good about myself, but it’s a little trick. Once you’ve¬†said things like that people¬†automatically gain respect for what you¬†do. Stupid. Like you weren’t worthy enough a minute ago.

(For those of you who are new here or forgot: I’m a filmmaker, to be fully correct, I’ll graduate as an ‘Audio Visual Specialist.’ )


Positive vibes! Please be picky when it comes to the people you surround yourself with. You don’t want negativity or people around you who make you feel like you constantly need to prove yourself. I don’t have a lof of friends, a lot of people like me and I like them as well, but I don’t always consider them friends. Because¬†when the push comes to show, I’m picky. And you should be too!¬†Treat yourself right and don’t let other people kill your vibe by trying to live¬†up to expectations. At the end of the day you are living this life for yourself and you don’t have to prove anything by wearing a suit that probably¬†doesn’t even makes you feel comfortable!


Alright, that’s it! I promis to be back soon, because I can’t go this long without blogging, I enjoy it way to much and I hope you do too!

See ya!


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