Caught In The Middle

“It’s okay to have a dream, it’s okay to dream big, but for some reason it can’t be difficult. For some reason we won’t allow ourselves to struggle, to take our time. We have a dream or a goal and we wan’t to reach it as quick as possible. You can’t say you are struggling and that you question literally everything that you are doing. It can’t be difficult.., even though it really is difficult.”

It just recently hit me. The thoughts above were mine for the longest time and I still struggle with them. But guess what? It brought me nowhere, it made me inactive and it only invited shadows into my life.

I started my own company a few months ago and I’m doing good, looking at the very few months it exists. Good things take time even tough you may dream of being successful, quick. Succes doesn’t happen over night, a lot of people just make it seem that way. Yes, there are exceptions: 18 years old kids with a house in the Hollywood Hills.., but you’re going to be much more satisfied when you had to work for it, at least if you ask me.

I am still trying to figure out where I want to go, personally and in terms of the business, nothing really stands out for me right now, which is unusual for me. But I guess that when you are sure about something, you are sure, and you don’t have to question it. One of my inspirations, Rory Kramer, always says: ‘Fear is only skin deep.’ I find comfort in that quote, when fear is trying to take over your body, you realise you really want something, you realise you are alive. Then it’s time to ‘run it.’


Enjoy your day and be kind to one another!


Post called after this song:  Paramore – Caught In The Middle

Picture above:  A still from the promotion video of my own company. (It will come out soon.)

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