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Get Free

It’s been forever. That first.

Second. I’ve been working my a** off. I’ve got a new trip planned and I’m super excited to go! In the beginning of April 2018 I’ll be flying to San Francisco and from there I’ll be road tripping around the country. I’m going with two friends from filmschool so I’m sure we won’t be lacking footage to create a travel video. 😉 We planned out most of the route in advance and once we land, the adventure begins. Not gonna lie, I’m a little anxious but super thrilled in the same time.

It took us a while to actually figure out the route. At first we even wanted to add a little part of Canada to the trip. Eventually we decided to skip Canada, because we would be driving through the snow all the time and most of the lakes we wanted to visit to canoe (like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake) would still be frozen in April. Doesn’t matter, that gives us an excuse to come back. 😉 Not that I need an excuse, just ten more jobs haha.

Alright, this is what we came up with. (Don’t mind my messy drawing on the map and forget about that little car sign with the ’30 u’  next to it, it’s not relevant.)

What I like the most about this trip is that the nature changes every single day, we go from a lake in Tahoe, to geysers in Yellowstone, to canyons close to Williams and we can’t forget about the desert. Also, there is a lot of variety in the weather. In Yellowstone you’ll probably be wearing your wintercoat in April, while in Palm Desert shorts are more suitable. Like I said, variety. Something different every single day, I love that, especially after having traveled such distances.

Also, I’m not much of a city girl, but San Francisco and Los Angeles are such enormous and iconic cities, that I’m sure checking out the area for a few days will be a really cool experience as well.

But, I’m actually sharing the trip because I would like to get some insider tips from people who know the area. So, if you have any recommendations about good restaurants, unique shops or beautiful parks/places to visit, let me know. I would really appreciate that! (Keep in mind, we are on a budget haha) 😉

A lot of people usually contact me through Instagram but feel free to comment down below or use the email adres on the ‘Message Me – page.’

Alright, till another time!

Love, Sofie

P.S. questions about exact locations, where we are staying and on which exact date, will not be answered. 

P.P.S. this post is called after a song I’m currently loving, give it a listen: Lana Del Rey – Get Free


Rules To Live By

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is going great! 🙂 I officially passed my film exams and now I just wait until graduation!

So, the other day I was thinking about what ‘rules’ or ‘thoughts’ I have that are super helpful to me when it comes to feeling more confident, feeling less down or just general things that make my life more bright. Maybe the word ‘rules’ isn’t the right word but we’re just gonna go with it.

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Love Our Parks

It’s been sunny lately and it finally starts to feel like spring where I live, although it’s currently raining a little but I don’t mind, I’m going to bed soon and I like listening to the rain on the roof while trying to sleep.

I was going through the pictures of my last trip to America and I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but my trips to The States are always about The National Parks of America, the whole route is precisely planned to travel from park to park. Yes, there are a few stops in between but mostly, it’s all about the parks, I love the parks.

I’ve been to quite a few parks, deserts, canyons. (If you are interested in which parks etc. I’ve been to, I will list them down below.) Today I decided I’d share some of my highlights and thoughts on the parks that I visited the last time while I was in America.

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It’s Up To You

The closer I get to graduation the more I start to think about ‘next year.’ I feel like I only talk about ‘next year’ when I mention the future, as if this one year is all I’m gonna get haha. Let’s hope that’s not true. But there’s this thing that keeps me up at night, this thing that keeps popping up inside my head. This thing I want each and everyone of you to realise as much as I do.

That it’s up to you. No matter the situation you are in, no matter what kind of new life you’re about to enter, no matter the context… it’s always up to you.

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A New World

I’ve been feeling a lot better lately, finally, after 3 or 4 months the air seems to clear up a little. I’ve been much more energetic and the last few days I’ve been staying up in the evening in stead of going straight to bed after work. Let’s keep up with this! Also, thanks to everyone who supported me by writing sweet messages on the blog and on Instagram! I appreciate it so much!

I want everybody to know that’s it’s human nature to experience ups and downs and there is nothing ‘weak’ about sharing them and facing them. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies and that’s okay. You don’t have to put on your fake smile if you actually feel like hiding in your sweater while going grocery shopping. Remember that!

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Finding Happiness

I haven’t been really active lately, on the blog, my Instagram, I guess my private life in general. I’ve been focussing on my exams and my internship which starts tomorrow. I’m happy, confused, sad and excited in the same time, because my last semester is about to start and after that… comes graduation. I have absolutely no idea what the future holds, once I had it all figured out but right now, I just don’t know anymore.

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