• sofie2x

    Rules To Live By

    Hey y’all! I hope everyone is going great! I officially passed my film exams and now I just wait until graduation! So, the other day I was thinking about what ‘rules’…

  • LR1x

    Love Our Parks

    It’s been sunny lately and it finally starts to feel like spring where I live, although it’s currently raining a little but I don’t mind, I’m going to bedΒ soon and I…

  • Sofie1

    It’s Up To You

    The closer I get to graduation the more I start to think about ‘next year.’ I feel like I only talkΒ about ‘next year’ when I mention the future, as if this…

  • 1.1

    A New World

    I’ve been feelingΒ a lot better lately, finally, after 3 or 4 months the airΒ seems to clear up a little. I’ve been much more energetic and the last few days I’ve been…

  • DSC_3194 als slim object1

    Finding Happiness

    I haven’t been really active lately, on the blog, my Instagram, I guess my private life in general. I’ve been focussing on my exams and my internship which starts tomorrow. I’m…

  • IMG_3860x

    Marrakech Adventure

    Hello y’all! So, I’ve been to Marrakech for a few days. I flew the morning right after new years evening. I didn’t party or celebrated the new year and went to…